Susan Arrives in the Holy Land!

I arrived yesterday in Jerusalem, where I am staying at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute, participating in its Hakimah program, which explores the role of women in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim texts and traditions. This is the entrance to Tantur:

This morning, with several other participants in the program (which officially begins this evening), I attended mass at the Greek Catholic Melkite Cathedral in the Old City. (Co-presiding at the service was John Paul, S.J., formerly my spiritual director and now rector of Tantur.). These pictures do not do justice to the icons which adorn almost every surface of the church’s walls and ceilings, but they give you a flavor.

I have wanted to go to Israel for a very long time, so am excited to be here. The program has a pretty full schedule, but I will try to post some highlights over the next couple of weeks.


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