Retreats I’ve Given


Following are some of the guided retreats I have presented or co-presented over the last few years. Retreats have ranged from three to eight days.

Women’s Retreats:

Ignatian Retreat Weekend

Moments in Every Women’s Life

Praying with Women Mystics

Reclaiming Who I Am

Recognizing and Respecting our Giftedness as Women

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Retreats for Men and Women:

Developing the Beatitudes in Our Lives

Embracing Mary

Finding God and Letting God Find You

Praying with the Mystics

The Gift of an Awakened Heart

Seasonal Retreats:

Advent – Preparing a Dwelling for the Lord

Advent – Preparing the Way of our God

Advent – We Wait in Joyful Hope

Lent – A Time of Conversion

Lent – Entering More Deeply into Christ’s Passion

Lent – Journey of Sorrow, Journey of Love


I have offered several different Retreats in Daily Living of various lengths, where participants commit to daily prayer, using material provided to them for each day’s prayer, and come together for periodic (generally weekly) meetings which include small group sharing, talks and prayer.  They include

Advent Retreat in Daily Living

An Experience of the Spiritual Exercises

Experiencing New Prayer Forms

Jesus Speaks Reflection Series

Learning to Forgive Reflection Series

Lenten Retreat in Daily Living

Lent Scripture Study

Praying with the Mystics

Reflections on the Creed


I have given a number of full or half day retreat days or evenings for law students, parish or school staffs, parishioners and other groups. Some of the themes have included:

Abandoning the Myths We Live With 

Becoming All We Can Be

Being Church in Today’s World


Discipleship in Today’s World

Examining Our Atittude Toward the Other

Experiencing God’s Personal Love

Faith Doing Justice: Living as Ordinary Radicals

Finding God in All Things

I Believe in God: Assessing the Value of Creeds

Intentional Discipleship and the New Evangelization

Living with Purpose: Reconnecting with our Life Values

Renewal, Rebirth, Resolve

Reaffirmation of Who we Are

Servant Leadership as a Model for Parish Ministry

Servant Leadership in a Time of Transition

Solidarity and Policy

Spiritual Direction Across Faith Traditions

Spirituality Across Faith Traditions

The Cardinal Virtues and Our Lives

The Joy of the Gospel

The Three Lenten Practices

The Wisdom of St. Ignatius

The Women Who Came Before Us


I have also presented, or have been part of the team presenting, the following programs in day-long, evening or weekend settings, or as part of an ongoing series:

Prayer Series (Introduction to Different Prayer Forms and Styles)

Praying with Ignatius: A Prayer/Workshop

Praying with the Joyful Mysteries

Praying with the Sorrowful Mysteries

Praying with the Glorious Mysteries

Praying with Scripture

Ignatian Spirituality and Social Justice

Pilgrimage in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic Traditions

Reflections on Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Appearances

Remembering Vatican II

Seasonal Day of Prayer: Ascension Thursday

Seasonal Day of Prayer: Feast of St. Joseph

Vocation and the Study and Practice of Law

Women of the Bible

If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs and/or having me offer one for your parish or other group, please feel free to contact me at (or by comment here).  I am also a certified spiritual director and am available for individual spiritual direction and to direct retreatants doing individual 8-day directed retreats.


2 thoughts on “Retreats I’ve Given

  1. Praying with the Mystics


    Why do I feel drawn to something like this? Why have I felt “pulled” by a higher force for nearly the past two years?

    I like the word mystic and those that feel comfortable with “mystics” and the “mystical.” Throw in a couple of dreams and a vision or two and I feel write at home.

    I know, Susan, I know.

    I wrote “write” instead of “right.” But, I often feel that the “I” in me disappears when I touch the mystical and a Greater Force somehow flows through me. I’m “write at home” and wish to God I could share His Love with everyone.

    [oops! got carried away there. Boy, do I miss writing. Can’t wait to get back into the flow . . .)

    michael j

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