A Winter Gift

I can’t let the weather we’ve been experiencing go unmentioned.

This past weekend I was in Washington D.C., the University Club, where the conference at which I was speaking was held, is a forty minute walk from my hotel. I walked in both directions – there in the morning and back early evening – with no coat. Even here in the Twin Cities, the daytime temperatures have been in the forties. In Appleton Wisconsin, where Elena goes to school, the sun has been shining and afternoon walks are pleasant.

Last year at this time, we were experiencing day after day of single digit weather…with almost a foot of snow on the ground. It was miserably cold day after day.

Someone commented to me in an e-mail a little while ago that the sun and warmth has lifted everyone’s spirit. It certainly has mine. I know that cold weather will soon be upon us. I know that I will “freeze to death” at least a dozen times before April. But, for now, I – and everyone else I know – am enjoying the gift.

Thank you God, for sunshine and warmth.


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