Parents, Children and God’s Unconditional Love

Anyone who reads this blog even irregularly knows how important I believe it is for us to get in touch with the reality of God’s unconditional love for us. It is difficult for us to make any real progress on our spiritual path without believing to the core of our being that God loves us unconditionally – that God’s love is not lessened by our imperfections and that nothing we do will ever cause us to lose that love.

For many, “God loves me unconditionally” is something understood and accepted only intellectually. It is a sentence one checks off “yes” to without really fully embracing its reality. So an important question is how we deepen that understanding.

I read the other day a short piece in a newsletter in which the author admitted that the only time he felt that his understanding of God’s love was more than intellectual was when he thought of his mother. He went on in the piece to beautifully describe his mother and all of the things (large and small) she did that embodied her love for her children.

This week, as I have watched my daughter perform her final concert with her high school choirs and as I will watch her graduate this evening (sitting beside my own mother, who will arrive in a few hours from NY to be here for the event), I am ever more conscious of God’s unconditional love as I look with love and pride at my daughter.

I feel the depth and the breadth of love for my daughter (as we often say to each other at night: “I love you to the edge of the universe and back again times infinity, infinity times”) – secure in the knowledge that there is nothing that could ever shake that love. I feel that love and part of me sits back and realizes: So that is kind of what God’s love for me feels like for God. And actually, only an approximation, since whatever I feel, God’s love is even greater than that.

It is a pretty amazing feeling. If you haven’t done so lately, sit with your experience of your mother or father’s unconditional and expansive love for you, or with your unconditional and expansive love for your child. And let yourself realize that whatever that is – God’s love for you is even more.