What We Celebrate at Pentecost

Today we celebrate the feast of Pentecost, the culmination and completion of what began with Christ’s Incarnation, the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise that his physical departure was not the end of God’s active presence in the world. We will hear in our first Mass reading the account in Acts of Pentecost, which filled Jesus’ followers with the Holy Spirit. In John’s Gospel, it is Jesus who breathes the Holy Spirit into his disciples.

It is important that we not let these accounts give us the impression that this was a one time event. Rather, that same Spirit that we record the coming of in our readings today dwells in each of us. Today’s feast is our reminder of that reality.

The Spirit of God dwells in each one of us. What difference would it make if we remembered that? Imagine the difference it would make if always had it in mind:

We would know that we don’t need to go someplace to find God…

We would know that we can never be separated from our God, no matter what…

We would know that we are all brothers and sisters, connected at the deepest levels…

We would know that through the power of God working in us we can (in the words of Ephesians) “accomplish far more than all we ask or imagine.”

We would know that though our bodies will one day pass away, we will live in oneness with our God forever.

That all seems to me worth remembering. Blessings on this celebration of Pentecost!