What Difference Does Trust in God Make?

Vinita Hampton Wright recently wrote a piece on the Ignatian Spirituality website that addresses this question. Actually, she suggests that answering the question of how trust in God affects our behavior depends on the answer to another question: What do I trust God to do or be?

If I trust that God will give me exactly everything I ask for or that God will beat up all my enemies, that will affect my behavior in one way – and not a particularly good one. She goes on to write

However, if I trust God to love me, forgive me, heal me, guide me, and be with me through everything, then I will act like a person who can enjoy life as a gift and who does not have to fight and grab for what she wants, because she is free to be content as circumstances shift and change. If I trust God to be God and remain with me and use a variety of situations to strengthen and teach me, then I don’t need to create enemies out of people who seem opposed to me. I can relax and accept any person as someone loved by God—and I can trust God to work in that person, starting with where he or she is now.

That trust removes fear and deepens our relationship with God and with others.

Wright ends her post with the hope her reader will have the “courage soon to ask yourself what you trust God to do and who you trust God to be.” A good question to sit with.

One thought on “What Difference Does Trust in God Make?

  1. Thanks for starting this first full week of the New Year with “trust” as the them. Wright’s encouraging deeper probing into what we are trusting God to do or be seems to me to be a key to helping us avoid being naively innocent and thus really trusting in magical thinking instead of actually trusting God.

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