God Believes in Claude

I grew up with the musical Hair, which I saw on Broadway at probably a younger age than I should have seen it. Every once in a while, the words to one of the songs (I know most of them by heart) starts running through my head.

The song lyrics that came the other day are from the song Manchester, England. They repeated in my mind (and, OK, I sang it out loud as well) more than a few times before I actually sat up and took notice. The character, Claude Hooper Bukowski, sings:

I believe in God, and I believe that God believes in Claude, that’s me, that’s me.

To say I believe in God says something significant. Hopefully when we affirm our belief in God we affirm more than the fact of God’s existence; our affirmation of our belief in God hopefully has meaning for how we live our lives.

But it seems to me to say something more to affirm not only my belief in God, but my belief that God believes in me. I hear that line as affirming that I know God knows me with particularity. That I know that God has me in God’s mind and heart. That I know God values me. That I know that God believes I have a contribution to make to the building of God’s kingdom.

Ask yourself: Do you believe in a God who believes in you? And if yes, what difference that does make in your life?