Our Lives During Covid-19

We are living in a scary time.  We don’t know how many people are affected by Covid-19.  In Minnesota, the state in which I live, the numbers show 14 people infected, but I’m guessing the actual number is much more than that.  New York, where most of my family lives, now had the dubious honor of having the most people sick with the virus.

In his First Principle and Foundation, my friend St. Ignatius invites us to develop an active indifference, that does not fix our desire on health over sickness, a long life or short life, and so forth, recognizing that everything has the potential of calling forth in us a deeper response to our life in God.  That mindset should help us maintain a sense of – if not calm, at least a lack of panic over the current situation.

We all need to take responsibility, not only for our own well-being but that of others.   And while that means self-isolating to the extent possible, it also means checking in with others – especially those who may not because of age or a compromised immune system be able to get out for things they might need.  And it also means buying what you need, but not hoarding items, depriving others of them.

Don’t let the self-isolation become a source of stress.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one with a pile of books that there is never enough time to read.  I also plan to take advantage of the Metropolitan Opera’s decision to offer free nightly streaming of some of its past MetLive performances. (See here.)  Or you might take a virtual museum tour.  (See here.)

And for those who say there is never enough time in their day for regular daily prayer – well, now there is.  Including pray for those who are ill and those most susceptible to serious consequences.

God is with us!




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