To Remember Who We Are

This morning at mass at St. Thomas More church in St. Paul, I heard one of the best single lines I’ve heard in a homily in a long time.  In the context of today’s Mass readings, which encourage persistent prayer, Fr. Bill O’Brien (director of the Jesuit Novitiate in St. Paul) said early in his homily.

We pray to remember who we are.

A short statement that speaks a fundamental truth.

We don’t pray because we are supposed to.

We don’t pray to try to persuade God to give us what we want.

We don’t pray to get some reward.

We pray because it is in prayer that we remember who we are – or, perhaps more accurately, whose we are. We are intimately connected to the one who created us and sustains us, and who loves us to an extent we can’t even imagine.

And that is a source of tremendous strength.

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