November Offerings

Right now my attention is focused on the marriage of my daughter, which occurs less than a week from now!  But wanted to take a minute to draw the attention of folks in the Twin Cities area (broadly defined) to two weekend retreats I’m offering in November.

November 1-3, I’ll be at Christ the King Retreat House (Buffalo, MN) offering a weekend on Stories Told by Jesus: Learning from the Parables.  Kings House is a beautiful venue any time of year, and I always love my time there. You can find registration information for that retreat here.

November 14-17, I’ll be at the Episcopal House of Prayer (Collegeville MN) presenting a weekend that looks at parallels between the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the Tibetan Buddhist Lam.Rim.  This has been a subject that interested me for a long time, and I am grateful to the EHoP for offering this retreat.  More info at this link.

Join us if you can!

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