Season of Creation

What Pope Francis is calling “the Season of Creation” began on September 1 and continues through October 4.  the Pope is encouraging Christians around the world to pray for the care of creation and to consider ways to act.

You can find the full text of Pope Francis’ statement here. message, and I encourage you to read the message in its entirety, reflecting on how you will respond to his invitation.

Among the key themes of his statement are the following:

  • We care all called to protect creation, and we have not been doing such a great job in doing so.  He writes, “Something good in the eyes of God has become something exploitable in human hands.”
  • This is a time to enhance of efforts toward sustainability.  Francis encourages us to adopt “simpler and more respectful lifestyles.”
  • This is a time to urge our governments to enact better climate policies.  He encourages “prophetic actions” to, among other things, encourage governmental measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

How will you respond to the call – during this Season of Creation and beyond?


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