Spring Cleaning

Yes, I said “spring” cleaning, even though here in the Twin Cities, we have had too few days that have actually felt like spring.  But I’m prompted in the subject by a piece I read this morning on the Ignatian Spirituality website by Vinita Hampton Wright, whose posts often inspire me.

Wright suggests that our spring cleaning needs to be as much about our interior life as about our physical environment.  She writes

 If we are to tend our interior world with care and wisdom, we cannot be distracted by the exterior world. We can live in large houses with lots of rooms and furniture and “stuff” and yet be free to sit still and think or pray. We can live in simpler surroundings but not feel free at all because the rooms are cluttered or dirty or both. Regardless of the size or grandeur of your dwelling place, it can nurture your inner life or frustrate it.

Her suggestion is to take some time to sit in a room where we spend a lot of our time and ask questions like:  “How does it feel? Are you distracted by piles of magazines or unfinished projects? Is it time to clean or change—or throw out—the curtains? Does the arrangement of furniture make it difficult to move freely? Does it hamper your access to good reading light or to fresh air?”

She goes on to suggest

Bring your true self to your rooms, and clear your rooms of what is not true to who you (or you and your loved ones) are.

  • What’s the best decision you’ve ever made about your physical home?

  • What one piece of advice would you offer to someone about to spring clean?

What is your spring cleaning going to look like?

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