Jesus, Our Savior

Blessings to all on this Good Friday!

Michael Joncas created this hymn for Good Friday, titled Jesus, Our Savior.  Fr. Joncas writes that the hymn “invites the worshipping assembly to contemplate the Crucified One and to seek the virtues Jesus demonstrated in his Passion.”  I share it here for your contemplation this day.

Jesus, our Savior, facing your betrayer,
threatened by violence, shielding your disciples;
Jesus, our Savior, healing wounded Malchus:
fill us with mercy.

Jesus, Messiah, questioned on your teaching,
corned by the elders, speaking truth to power;
Jesus, Messiah, bound and sent to Pilate:
trengthen our witness.

Jesus, our Sovereign, shunning earthly kingship,
mocked by the soldiers, scourged, yet clothed in purple;
 Jesus, our Sovereign, thorns your royal circlet:
make us true servants.

Suffering Servant, crucified with brigands,
caring for kinsfolk as the end drew nearer;
Suffering Servant, bringing all completion:
teach us compassion.

Jesus, our Savior, at your sacred Passion,
your Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection,
all lost in wonder, we will sing your praises,
ow and for ever.

(From: We Contemplate the Mystery: The Michael Joncas Hymnary: Lent and Triduum)