Happy Valentines Day

When I was a child, we made Valentines Day cards for everyone – our parents, our siblings, our cousins, our teachers, our friends.  In some, but not all years, the recipients may have included someone we had a crush on.   And, up until well into my adulthood, my father gave candy on Valentines Day, not only to my mother, but to each of his four children ( his son as well as his three daughters).  No doubt that contributed to  to my sense that “Happy Valentines Day” was a greeting appropriately conveyed to anyone who meant something in my life.

So on this Valentines Day, let me say thank you and I love you to…

…those who have encouraged me and helped me to grow;

…those who have loved me even when I’m not being very lovable;

…those who have helped me look my demons in the face;

…those who have gone out of their way to be kind and caring;

…those who have given when I’ve been unwilling to ask;

…those who inspire me by their example;

…those who have quietly supported me, even when they haven’t understood the direction I was taking;

…those who have been willing to put an arm around me when I needed to be consoled and kick my behind when I’ve needed to be pushed;

…and all those who have enriched my life by their presence and by being who they are.

To all of you I say: Happy Valentines Day. Thank you and I love you.

[adapted from a post I made some years ago]


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