What Do We Notice (Or Not)

This morning’s reflection in Give Us This Day, was titled Attentive and Grateful.  in It, the author, C. Vanessa White, explained an exercise she uses to help her students focus on God’s grace.  Reminiscent of the moonwalking bear awareness test, she asks them to look around the classroom and focus on one particular color (e.g., items that are red).  She then asks them to close their eyes and quietly recall those red items.  With their eyes still closed, she asks them to name all the blue items they saw.  Not surprisingly, because of their focus on red, they missed the blue.

Where do we put our attention?  What do we notice?  White writes that “we focus on the negative and tend to notice all that is going wrong in our world, and we miss God’s grace and presence before us.  What we focus on is what we give power to! ”

Many of us engage in a daily Examen, which encourages us to take time each day to reflect on where we noticed God’s grace.  Whether through the Examen or otherwise, it is good to be reminded that “what we focus on is what we give power to.”

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