The Real World

Yesterday afternoon finished directing at an 8-day retreat at the Loyola on the Potomac Jesuit Retreat House.  It was a blessed time for the retreatants and I come away from these experiences enormously grateful at the privilege of seeing how God works in each person I sit with.

As did the retreatants, I left the retreat house yesterday, in my case to fly to Knoxville to help my daughter who is packing for a move.  Does that put me back into “the real world.”

I read the other day the following from N. Gordon Cosby, Seized by the Power of a Great Affection, that suggests the answer to that question is NO.

Often, as we conclude a retreat at Dayspring, someone will say: This has been powerful. I hope I can hold onto it back in the real world.” But the “real world” is not the one to which we are going. We return to the “unreal” world where the culture is distorted and trapped in pretense. The “real” world is the one we were just in, where our hearts were opened and we gave inner consent to rest in God.

I trust that our retreat experiences give us the ability to bring the “real” world back into the world we inhabit day to day.

On a separate note, since this was my first experience at Loyola on the Potomac, I thought I would share some pictures of the chapel and grounds.


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