Describing God And Your Relationship to God

I decided that I need to spend some time going through all of the piles of paper in my office that I have accumulated over the years – prayers I found and liked, extra copies of handouts I gave in talks or retreats I gave, articles, etc, etc and so forth.

One of the things I came across (from who knows what year!) was a description of an exercise the then rector of an Episcopal church in Minneapolis had invited participants of a forum he held to engage in.

The instruction was simple:  Write a poem that describes either God or yourself in relationship to God, following this pattern:

one noun
three adjectives

four verbs


one or more words that connect with the first noun

The rector gave some examples on his blog (the link to which I can no longer find – suggesting how long this sheet of paper has been on a shelf in my office).  They included:


powerful, quiet, watching

protects, understands, forgives, guides

the one I trust

Lion of his people

direct, truthful, unsettling

descends, embraces, loves, forgives

exhale and breathe
the Holy Spirit 

gentle, compassionate, kind

leads, protects, shelters, carries

I am safe


Why not try it yourself?  You can use his suggested format or another.  But in a prayerful, centered space, try to come up with some words/expressions that work for you.