The Fidelity of God

I have a plant in my law school office that started from a cutting from a plant in my friend Lisa’s office.  It has been sitting on the window sill for at least six or seven years.

Not only am I not the best plant owner in the world, but if my attention to my plant were graded, I’d come pretty close to flunking.  Sometimes I water the plant a couple of times in a week.  Sometimes it doesn’t get watered for several weeks and the dirt is so solidly dry it is hard to imagine how the plant is not dead.  Occasionally I might turn it so a different part faces the window, but not with any regularity.

Yet, despite my inadequate ministering and my usually ignoring of it, several times a year the plant puts out blossoms.  They were once pink, but a couple of years ago started coming out orange.

As I showed it to Lisa this morning, what popped out of my mouth was: the fidelity of God.  That is what the plant reminds me of.  Sometimes our prayer is faithful and true, other times we get caught up in other things and God gets short shrift.  But no matter how much or how little attention we pay to him, God is always there, always present with us, always alive in us and in our world.





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