A Hermitage Stay

I just got back from three nights in a hermitage at Wellsprings Farm, a little mini-retreat.  The owners have a wonderful model of community supported retreat: as with a CSA, they sell shares that entitle the holder to a certain number of nights in one of the three hermitages on the site.  My share entitled me to 20 nights for the year, more than enough for my personal use and to give away nights to friends.

I stayed in the Dome, pictured here.

Hermitage dome copy

I had perfect weather for three days of sitting reading or contemplating, and walking in the forest or on the labyrinth.

I confess the forest path is my favorite.  There is not much I love more than a solitary morning walk on a forest path.  I’ve been there when the trees have been full; this weekend I walked in the aftermath of last week’s snowfall.

hermitage forest copy

At one end of the forest path is a perfect spot for looking over the lake.  Although both of the other two hermitages were also occupied while I was there, no one seemed to use the forest path other than me, so this chair was always waiting for me when I got there.

hermitage lake chair copy

My other favorite chair was the one in the center of the labyrinth, which is cut into wild marsh grass.

Hermitage labyrinth copy

It was a restoring couple of days.  I recommend (as I always do after returning from retreat) finding a way to “come away and rest awhile).



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