Christmas Doesn’t Come, It Starts

My friend Sarah Farnes, Program Manager for the Office for Spirituality at the University of St. Thomas, wrote a lovely reflection during Advent.  Her message, I think, is even more important as we wind up our Christmas Day festivities.  She write

Christmas is a point of departure. We must understand that Christmas does not come, Christmas starts.

For too many of us, we busy ourselves with preparations for Christmas celebrations. We worry about decorating the house just right, updating the dinner menu, and buying the last of the needed gifts. We are filled with holiday cheer and generosity. Then, Christmas Day arrives and before we know it, the day and festivities are gone.

But in reality, everything should start from Christmas. Jesus did not come so everything would remain as it was before His advent. He came into our midst to change everything; and specially to change our lives. By Christmas we are born again, the world is renewed, and just as the priest says during the Holy Mass, it is, “through Him, in Him and within Him…” My friends, Christmas is a time that should awaken us; our life, our heart. It is our heart that grows, and heals, and makes us true Christmas lights where we can love, just as He loves.

There is much wisdom in Sarah’s words.  Jesus came to change everything.  So let us view Christmas as our departure point, not just a day that came and went.


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