An Immigration Examen

The October 30 recent issue of America magazine, contains an article titled An Immigration Examen, written by Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu.

Starting from the premise that while Catholics cannot solve questions of immigration policy alone, they are called to be part of the the solution.  “Catholics are called to act and to equip ourselves with truth-telling tools to transform the polemics of immigration into a grace-filled response to human suffering.”

In order to aid in that effort, she offers a three-question examination of conscience on the topic of immigration.  The questions are:

(1) Do I understand who these vulnerable immigrants are and why they are here?

(2) Have I resisted the rhetoric that undocumented people are illegal and criminals?

(3) Have I understood the economics of this issue?

Her discussion of each of these is helpful, and I recommend the article in its entirety.  (You can find it here.)  But even without reading the article, the questions are useful ones to reflect on.