Gratitude, Awareness, Desire

My friend John shared with me the other day the blessing his family prayed before meals.  They prayed:

Thank you, God
For this food.
Help us.
Make us
Kind and good.

What an extraordinarily simple prayer that says so much in so few words!  I like it for the same reason John told me he does: ” Simple (honest) gratitude. Straight forward awareness that we need help.  And a simple, honest desire to grow in the manifestations of love.”

If this were the heartfelt prayer of all of us, think of what a difference it could make in the world!  Gratitude in place of entitlement.  Recognition of  our need for God’s grace in place of a sense that we can do it all on our own.  Other-directedness in place of self-centeredness.

I’m not sure much else needs to be added.

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