Who’s On Your Team

Yesterday afternoon I attended a graduation ceremony at the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies, as my good friend Dan received his degree on addiction counseling.  The ceremony was beautiful and both the student speaker and the commencement address gave powerful talks.

One of the comments made by the commencement speaker was a simple but ever-so-important one: Recovery is a team sport.  Later he posed the question: Who is on your team?  That is, who will be a support when things are rough?  Who will be there when you are exhausted….frustrated….despondent.

What is true of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is no less true of any other difficulty we face.  Notwithstanding the American vision of the rugged individual, none of us can make it on our own.  We all need people to support us when things get rough.

So you might ask yourself: Who’s on your team?  And then give thanks for those you name.