(Almost) Ten Commandments of Food

I spent time over the last two days at First Presbyterian Church of Neenah – giving a retreat day on Saturday and preaching at morning services on Sunday.  I noticed on a bulletin board in the hallway a display titled 10 Commandments of Food.  Each week the Interim Pastor of the church has been sharing another one of the commandments.  They seemed to me worth sharing; perhaps there is one or more you would like to focus on practicing:

  1.  Give Thanks for the food you eat.
  2. Eat food grown as close as possible to where you live.
  3. Strive for all people o have knowledge about and access to affordable, nutritious food.
  4. Eat mindfully and in moderation.
  5. Do not waste food.
  6. Be grateful to those who grow and prepare food for your table.
  7. Protect the biodiversity of seeds, soils, ecosystems, and the cultures of food production.
  8. Reduct the environmental damage of land, water and air from food production and the food system.
  9. Support fair wages for farmworkers, famers and food workers.
  10. [Have to wait another week for this one to be revealed.]




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