God is On The Cross

Today is Good Friday, the day on which we contemplate Christ on the cross.

To one way of thinking, the cross is a symbol of failure.  (“If you are really God,” people jeer, “then save yourself.”)  Yet for Christians, the cross is a symbol of triumph.

For your contemplation of that triumph I share these words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

Christ goes through the cross, only through the cross, to life, to the resurrection, to victory? That, indeed, is the marvelous – and yet for many people so repulsive – theme of the Bible, that the only visible sign of God in the world is the cross. Christ is not gloriously transported from earth into heaven. He must instead go to the cross. And precisely there, where the cross stands, the resurrection is near. Precisely here, where all lose faith in God, where all despair about the power of God, God is fully there, and Christ is alive and near. Where one stands on a razor’s edge of becoming an apostate or remaining true, God and Christ are fully there. Where the power of darkness wants to overcome the light of God, there God triumphs and judges the darkness.



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