Is This A Neighborhood You Would Want to Live In?

Our guest speaker at Weekly Manna at the University of St. Thomas School of Law today focused his remarks on the Ten Commandments.

When he spoke about the commandments dealing with our relationships with each other, he suggested rephrasing the prohibitions in those commandments in an affirmative way.  For example:

Instead of “You shall not murder”, “You shall seek to affirm and respect life.”

Rather than “You shall not steal”, “You shall honor, respect, and encourage marriage (yours and others).”

Instead of “You shall not steal”, “you shall respect and protect the property of others.”

And so on.

He then asked: What would a neighborhood look like if that were how we lived?  A neighborhood where everyone looked after each other.  Where people expressed interest and concern in each other’s lives.  Where they take care of each other’s property.

Is this a neighborhood you would want to live in?  “I would,” he added.

So would I.

In the immortal words of Jean Luc Picard, let’s make it so.


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