I Become What I See

What is your understanding of what it means to be humble?

That was the question Christine Luna Munger opened with last night, at this month’s gathering of the series Christine I are co-presenting at St. Kate’s this year (on the overall theme: Christian Prayers and Practices).  Our focus last night was on humility and fasting.

Christine shared Joan Chittister’s characterization of humility as an ability to know ourselves as God knows us.  This way of thinking resonates with me, given the importance St. Ignatius places on seeing ourselves as God sees us.

Dianne Schlichting, one of the regular participants of our series, has a wonderful way of poetically expressing her meditative thoughts.  Here is what she wrote after reflecting on last night’s session.  She titled it: Christ in Me: A Mirror Image.

I look into a mirror;
At first glance, I see only me.
The more intent my gaze, however,
The more truly I see.

Reflected back to me is
More than just me:
I see Christ
And an invitation to sustain
This vision of connectivity.

From Christ’s side of the mirror,
He looks deeply into the heart
Of His creation.
His loving eyes pierce to the depths
Of my being.

In this moment of truth
I become what I see:
A divine reflection.
I have done nothing to
Earn this insight but look.
I simply see what is,
What can be, and
What will be.

Love transforms what it sees
Into a more beautiful reflection
Of itself.
I become a living word, a conduit,
Able, through Christ,
To bear witness–through service to others–
To His presence in the world.

The next session of our series will be on March 13.  I will be speaking that evening on Pilgrimage and Reconciliation.  You are welcome to join us even if you have not attended any prior sessions.  (St. Catherine University, Room 370, Coeur de Catherine; 6:30-8:30 p.m.)