Mid-Day Dialogue of Faith: After the Election

Yesterday, voters in the United States elected a new President, following an election campaign that many have suggested is unlike any we have seen before. Whatever else one can say, this election has ignited strong negative feelings, including the expressed view of some that neither major party candidate is worthy of election.  It has also included some of the most divisive and ugly commentary I have seen in a major campaign in my lifetime.

Whoever one supported yesterday, and whether one woke up this morning (or went to bed last night) elated or depressed, we are all invited to reflect on where we have been and where we go from here as people of faith living in a broken world. What is our role in the current political and social system? How do we stay centered in our faith amidst the political turmoil of our times?

Those are the questions I invited some colleagues to address with me at our Mid-Day Dialogue of faith today.  In a gathering of 50+ students, faculty, staff and alumni, I and my law school colleagues Tom Berg, Teresa Collett and Mark Osler shared some initial thoughts and then engaged in dialogue with those present.  The four of us represent different parties, different faiths and different genders.

You can access a recording of the Mid-Day Dialogue here or stream it from the icon below.  (The podcast runs for 55:19.)  I hope you will find it a prompt to your own thoughts of the role of people of faith in healing our wounded world.



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