Standing Firm With Christ

Today is the final day of the weekend retreat I’m giving for students of the University of St. Thomas on the theme Choosing Christ in the World.  For many of the students, this has been their first experience of a silent retreat and they have kept the silence wonderfully.  (Our surroundings certainly help; it is a beautiful fall weekend and the retreat house grounds offer many secluded spots for one to pray while basking in the beauty of God’s creation.)

My talk this morning was titled Standing With Christ in the Face of Temptation.

It is, of course, easy to stand with Christ when things are going well.  To use the imagery of Jesus’ public ministry: easy to hang out with Jesus while he is turning water into wine, feeding the multitudes, healing the sick, and eating dinner at the home of friends.  The real question, however, is whether we are willing to stand with Christ when the going gets tough?

I began my talk by reflecting a little on Jesus’ temptation in the desert.  I then contrasted the life Jesus invites us to with the values and mores of our world as a way to think about the ways we are tempted to move away from the live of radical discipleship we are invited into.

You can access a recording of the session here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 30:29.)

Our retreat ends after lunch today.  Doubtless, even in these remaining few hours, God still has something in store for our students. So please keep them in your prayers.


One thought on “Standing Firm With Christ

  1. If any St.Thomas law students or faculty will be in D.C. before the end of the year, the “Pope St. John Paul II Center” on Harewood Road, NW, near the CUA campus and the National Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception features a special exhibit on St. Thomas More, who withstood Henry VIII and his retinue in the breech.

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