Lesser-Known Women of the Bible

Today was the fourth session of the Fall Reflection Series that Jennifer Wright and I are co-facilitating at the University of St. Thomas (on the Minneapolis campus) this year.  The theme for this five week series is Women of the Bible.

Having spent our first three sessions on some fairly famous pairs of women (Sarah and Hagar, Rachel and Leah, and Ruth and Naomi), we decided to take one session to present vignettes of some less famous women.

Selecting the women about whom to speak was not an easy process.  When Jennifer and I met to talk about the program, our list of potential subjects was enormous.  We narrowed it down to the following: Dinah, Shiphrah and Puah, Hannah, Abagail, and Esther.  We shared the stories of each, as well as some thoughts about what we found significant abou their stories during today’s gathering.

You can access a recording of the session here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 34:59 and ends at the point at which I opened the session up for sharing by the participants.)

You can find a copy of the prayer materials we distributed to participants here.


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