Women of the Bible: Sarah and Hagar

Monday was the first session of the Fall Reflection Series that Jennifer Wright and I are offering at the University of St. Thomas (on the Minneapolis campus) this year.  Our theme for the five week series is Women of the Bible.

Monday I briefly introduced the series and Jennifer spoke our our first subjects: Sarah and Hagar.  Their story begins in Genesis 11, and it is a story that raises many issues – surrogate motherhood…the Arab-Israeli conflict…the oppression of the underclass ..male domination and so forth.  In her talk Jennifer raised some wonderful questions for reflection (some of which are on the prayer handout).

You can access a recording of the session here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for about 27:00 and ends at the point at which we invited the participants into a period of silent reflection) With apologies, the quality of the recording is not as good as usual; I forgot to bring my digital recorder and we relied on the room recording system – which also contributed to the delay in posting this.

You can find a copy of the prayer materials we distributed to participants here.