St. Monica

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the memorial of St. Monica, most known for being the mother of St. Augustine.

Augustine was enormously influenced by his mother.  Although Monica was “neither a monk nor a scholar,” Augustine himself recognized that she “was more advanced in her Christian life than he.”

Her life was not an easy one.  A Christian, her parents gave her in marriage to a pagan, a licentious man with a violent temper, who criticized his wife for her piety and charity.

Monica served as a model for her son and her husband. She is also a model for all of us when dealing with people who do not live up to our expectations. It was many years before her pagan husband converted to Christianity and also many years before Augustine gave up his wayward life for God. Through that time, she persevered with love and integrity, with prayer and support.

St. Monica, pray for us.


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