Grateful to See You

The visiting priest at Our Lady of Lourdes made a simple suggestion at the end of his homily at Mass this morning.  He had been speaking of prayer (nor surprising given that in today’s Gospel Jesus teaches his disciples the prayer we call the Lord’s Prayer).  He had shared that his prayer is often a prayer of gratitude: thanking God in the morning for another day of living, thanking God all day long for all of the gifts of the day.

He then suggested this: The next time someone says “How are you doing?,” instead of giving the automatic, given-without-any-thought “Fine,” or “OK,” why not say “I’m grateful.”  That just might, he suggested, prompt the other person to wonder and ask, “What are you grateful for?” What if your reply was, “Just grateful to see you” or “Grateful that you are part of my life.”

How different that would be from the meaningless, “Fine.”  Who knows what effect that might have!  Why not try it?


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