I leave this afternoon for a hermitage, where I will be on retreat until the end of the week.

This is not a great time to go away (to put it mildly).  I just started a new position at the University and I have an enormous amount of work to do.  Why not try to reschedule?

The thing is there is NEVER a good time to go on retreat.  If not this week’s busyness, then it will be something else.  There always is.

And that is the reason that a number of years ago I started scheduling my annual retreat six months (at least) in advance, and determined that when the time came I would go, no matter what was going on at work.  Because that is the only way to ensure that I can get some retreat time.  My rationale is simple and can be summed up this way:

First, the world spun on its axis for many many centuries before I came along, and so I am pretty confident it can manage to limp along for a week without me.

Second, I am no good to myself or anyone else if I don’t have some extended time hanging out with my God.  Yes, I do my daily prayer, and yes, I go to Mass  at least once each week, and do all sorts of other things in the course of my day to day existence.  But nothing restores, refreshes, re-energizes like accepting the invitation to “Come away and rest awhile.”

So, off I go.  Please keep me in your prayers, and know you will all be in mine.


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