Celebrating Women in Relationship

Yesterday I gave a retreat day for women at Christ the King Retreat Center.  I titled it Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends: A Celebration of Women in Relationship.  Many of the women came with their daughters (or mothers, as the case may be), some came with close women friends.

I divided the day into three segments.  In the first session, we looked at some Biblical relationships among women, considering Ruth and Naomi, Mary and Elizabeth, Martha and Mary and Miriam and Yocheved.  In the next segment I spoke about some of the qualities of healthy relationships among women, and in the final segment we considered challenges to healthy relationships and some ways of overcoming those challenges.

As I always am on women’s retreats, I was awed at the openness and sharing among the women.  It truly was a blessed day!

Before leading the women in a guided meditation before lunch, I shared with them a poem by S. Craig-Whytock titled I Will Remember You.  Because so many of the women commented on how much they liked the poem, I thought I would share it here.

I will remember you…
Because you always stand by me,
Even when others turn their backs,
Because you always believe in me,
Even when I lose faith in myself,
Because you always encourage me,
Even when the obstacles in my life
seem like an avalanche blocking the way,
Because you always respect me,
And allow me to follow my heart,
Because you welcome me back,
Even after I make mistakes,
Because you love me for who I am,
Not who the world thinks I should be,
But most of all, because you see my inner worth,
And you’ve helped me see it too,
I will remember you,
Because you are my friend.

Celebrate the women in your life, today and always!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Women in Relationship

  1. Thank you so much for the poem & highlights of the retreat. I have share this with several friends & women who participated in the Christ Renews His Parish program as well as members of our Women’s Bible Study group.

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