We Have Torn the Fabric

As I was in Appleton, Wisconsin this weekend for my daughter’s senior recital (which was lovely; you can watch the video here), I agreed to speak to the Adult Education group at First Presbyterian Church in Neenah Sunday morning.

Afterward, I attended their Sunday service.  I was quite moved by the prayer of confession used.

O God, you are like a weaver in our lives.  Out of the expanding energy of creation you have spun each of us into a unique, colorful strand with our own special hue and texture; you have woven us together into a single family that blankets the globe.  We confess that we have torn the fabric of your design.  We have allowed ourselves to be bound by the narrow contexts of race, age, sex, and ideology.  Open our hearts, so that we may once again celebrate the wonder of the human fabric and dignity of all, in the name of Christ, who lived and died “that all may be one.”

(From Touch Holiness, edited by Ruth C. Duck and Maren C. Tirabassi)


5 thoughts on “We Have Torn the Fabric

  1. Can I repost this or any of your Creo en Dios! emails on facebook?



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