Retreat in 2016 Anyone?

I am en route to the Jesuit Retreat House in OshKosh, where I will be giving a weekend Ignatian retreat to the faculty and staff of Marquette University.

While I don’t really have time to write a thoughtful post this morning, since I am grinning with anticipation at my impending arrival in OshKosh, I thought it useful to let people know that the retreat house now has its 2016 schedule of retreats – both preached retreats and summer directed retreats on their website (here).

As I often tell my directees, there is never a good time to do retreat. But the benefits of taking time to get away are enormous.

This particular retreat house is one of my “happy places,” whether I’m giving a retreat or being a retreatant. For those who haven’t been there, here is a picture of the new Annunciation chapel:
2015-06-01 15.15.55

The retreat house is on the shore of Lake Winnebago.
2015-06-10 07.13.58

Check out the schedule. Maybe put aside a weekend or a week for some retreat.


One thought on “Retreat in 2016 Anyone?

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Susan. I was just searching for Ignatian and silent retreat centers 2 days ago. I was focused on MN locations. I didn’t think about other states. The Oshkosh center looks beautiful and is in the heart of where my extended family lives. A perfect fit. Thank you for making us aware of these opportunities and for your sharing your experiences with and enthusiasm for spiritual direction. Wishing you a blessed retreat!

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