Of Bucket Lists

What’s on your bucket list? That is the question that Deacon Thom Winninger opened the sermon with at Mass this past Sunday.

It is a good question. I googled “bucket list” yesterday afternoon and clicked on the entry for “most popular bucket list ideas.” The list included items such as: stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden, air boat across an alligator invested swamp, walk on the Great Wall of China, gallop a horse along the beach, ride an elephant in Thailand, visit NYC at Christmas time, write a book and get it published, and dye my hair blonde.

The list also included: knit and donate 100 scarves for the homeless, donate my hair to locks of love, and volunteer abroad.

What is on your bucket list?

Is your list full of things you want to acquire, exciting experiences you want to have, and places you want to see? That is what most people tend to put on their bucket list.

Or does your list reflect your discipleship in Christ? Does it suggest your embrace of Jesus call to serve rather than be served, his invitation to labor with him on behalf of God’s plan?

If you have a bucket list, you might want to reflect a bit on what is one it. If you don’t, you might ask yourself, what is on your list? And what does it say about your priorities?