It is All Good

We want our vacations to be constantly wonderful, unadulterated joy. We plan for them, anticipate them eagerly and expect that everything will be perfect.

This vacation has been a bit challenging thus far.  We have been this week in an area we picked so as to hike but the  extreme heat has made that not feasible. The maps of the area seem written for those who already know where they are going, so we get lost pretty much every time we take the car out. When I did go out for a long walk yesterday morning, I took a bad fall. (I won’t describe what my knee looks like.)

On the other hand, we had great visits to castles and caves and some wonderful meals. I got to see Elena perform in an opera. Most importantly, it is time with my husband and daughter.

And today we are off to Assisi, a place I love!

Not perfect, but it is all good.