Into Your Hands

Here is one of the places I have been spending a lot of time since my arrival here at San Alphonsi Retreat House on Friday.


And also taking long walks along the shore.  It occurred to me that the last time I spent time gazing at the Atlantic Ocean, it was from Finisterre in Spain, at the end of my Camino. It is good to be back at the ocean.


So grateful for this time of retreat. God’s blessings flow. 


One thought on “Into Your Hands

  1. The light and shadow in your picture is most inspiring. The Cross rises over the ‘Darkness’, and Jesus crucified is illuminated in all the glory of our Lord’s ‘Light’ (sunshine). . .

    Professor Osler’s Sunday Reflection yesterday focused on ‘Light’ – How appropriate Jesus’ own words, “Into your hands I commend My spirit.” His sacrifice brought ‘The ‘Light’ into the world to guide, encourage and offer strength to each of us. . .

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