God Asks

On this feast of the Annunciation, I prayed with morning with Luke’s account of Gabriel’s encounter with Mary. It is a scene I pray with often.

Usually my focus is Mary’s yes, about which I have written on numerous occasions.

What I sat with this morning, however, was God’s request for human participation in his plan of salvation.  God asks.

If you think about it, that is pretty amazing.  God did, after all, create us.  God could have created us with no will to do anything other than that which he demanded.  But God didn’t.  Instead, God created human beings capable of consenting to or deviating from God’s plan for salvation.  And while God desires our consent and cooperation, he will not force it.

And so God asks – not just to Mary, but to each of us: Will you consent to your part in my plan?  Will you act with me?

It is your choice.  What do you say?