Healing vs. Curing

We have been celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes this past week at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes.  (No big surprise there.)  There was a parish dinner Wednesday and another gathering in between Masses yesterday.

Speaking about Mary’s appearance at Lourdes and the millions of people who travel to Lourdes each year hoping for relief from the illnesses, disabilities and diseases, the Deacon drew a distinction between curing and healing in his homily.

He observed that Jesus so often, when he met the blind, the deaf, the paralyzed, both cured and healed them.  Cured them of their physical maladies and healed their spirit.  The first is nice, but the second is what is of most  value.

When people go to places like Lourdes, some are cured; we hear of those reports now and then.  (The Catholic Church recognizes as miracles a number of cures attributed to Mary’s intercession at Lourdes.)  But everyone who goes, whether or not they are cured, is healed.  Everyone comes away blessed and with their spirit refreshed, with the conviction they have been touched by God.

I think all of this raises a simple question: Are you looking to be cured or healed?


2 thoughts on “Healing vs. Curing

  1. That was the same point that Sacred Journeys on PBS brought up when they traveled to Lourdes with wounded warriors. The host pointed out that the soldiers used, and still use, modern medicine to the fullest, but they don’t feel healed. I felt the same way when my treatment for thyroid cancer was finally over. I felt that was when the healing could begin.

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