Challenges to Loving Like God

I had a wonderful weekend at the Cenacle Retreat House in Ronkonkoma NY leading a retreat on Learning to Love Like God. It was a blessed time for the woman on the retreat as well as for me.

I posted on Saturday the talk I gave Friday evening on the qualities of the God’s love, the characteristics of the love we are asked to imitate. On Saturday, in two talks I addressed some of the challenges to our loving like God, things that interfere with our ability to be fully open channels of God’s love.

In the morning session I addressed three challenges: difficulty accepting God’s unconditional love of us, difficulty loving oneself, and the difficulty we often have in forgiving others for the wrongs (or perceived wrongs) they have done to us. In the afternoon session I discussed several additional challenges: our overemphasis on justice and meritocracy, our self-cherishing, our lack of humility, our busyness and our confusing the love we are asked to give with emotion.

You can access a recording of my talks here and here or stream them from the icon below. (The first podcast runs for 34:29 and the second for 33:37.)

Challenges Part I:

Challenges Part II: