Scripture and Authority

Today we held one of our Mid-Day Dialogues of Faith at UST School of Law. Each of these dialogues focuses on some issue on which there is divergence of view between Catholicism and other Christian denominations or between Christians and non-Christians. The topic of today’s dialogue was Scripture and Authority.

I moderated the dialogue, which involved two of my friends and colleagues, Joel Nichols, currently the law school’s Associate Dean, and Fr. Dan Griffith, a fellow of the Murphy Institute here and pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes. Fr. Dan spoke from a Catholic perspective and Joel from an Evangelical one. Each of them made some opening remarks, after which we had a lively discussion. Rather than summarize the session, let me simply encourage you to listen to the podcast.

You can access a recording of the dialogue here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 30:19.) As I usually do, I recorded only the comments of the speakers, not the dialogue with the other participants.