Saints and saints

Today I gave a Mid-Day Reflection at UST Law School titled Saints and saints. I picked the topic of the saints for this weeks program because November was the feast of All Saints in the Catholic Church. The capital and small “s” in the title reflects that our models and sources of inspiration can include both individuals formally canonized by the Church and people not so recognized but who have lived lives of great holiness.

I began my talk by sharing on what it means to call someone a saint and, more importantly why I think reflecting on the saints is beneficial for us. I then shared about some of the saints (capital and small “s”) who have particular significance for me.

After my talk, I gave the participants time for individual reflection, asking them to call to mind particular saints that have meaning to them and consider what it is about those persons that inspire them. Following the silent reflection period, people shared some of the saints that inspired them – the range of which itself was quite inspiring.

I ended by encouraging the participants to spend some more time this week reflecting on the individuals they identified, asking themselves what their growing edges are. What are their challenges in developing some of the virtues they admire in their saints.

You can access a recording of my talk here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 20:08.) A copy of the reflection handout I distributed, which is mentioned near the end of the podcast, is here.


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