Discerning My Place in the World: Identifying and Prioritizing My Values

This afternoon was the third session of an 8-session program series I am offering at UST Law School over the course of this academic year on Discerning My Place in the World.

I began by sharing an exercise we do with students on our semi-annual vocation retreats that asks them to identify and rank values that are important to them. I gave them a few minutes to consider their own feelings about the values listed. I then posited the question whether many of the values listed are primary or secondary values. The bulk of my talk centered around St. Ignatius’ Principle and Foundation, which seeks to place the things the things of this world in the context of our deepest vocation: choosing what deepens our life in God, helping us develop as loving persons.

After my talk, I gave the participants time for silent reflection, after which we had time for sharing both in small groups and in the larger group.

You can access a recording of my talk here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 27:04 and there is a short pause early on.) A copy of the two handouts I distributed and which are mentioned in the talk are here and here.