Please Support Spiritual Listening to People on the Margins

I just came from a breakfast program sponsored by City House, a non-profit organization on whose board I sit.

I’ve written about City House once before. Its core mission is to provide spiritual listening to people on the margins – including those experiencing poverty, addiction, and imprisonment. Trained volunteer Spiritual Companions meet one-on-one or in groups with participants at social service agency sites where they live or are receiving services. City House also offers a spiritual friendship program and leadership development for people in the mainstream who want to deepen their relationship with those experiencing life at the margins.

We were excited to announce this morning that one of our benefactors has offered a matching gift – matching the gifts of new donors and existing donors who increase their contribution amounts. That makes this a wonderful time to consider making a donation to City House.

As someone who has been a spiritual director and a retreat leader for many years, I have seen the difference it makes in people’s lives to have someone to whom they can tell their story, someone who will listen fully to them without judgment and with an open heart, someone who can help them find the incidents of grace in their lives. Imagine how much that means to the people City House serves!

Please consider supporting our work. A donation in any size would make an enormous difference to the work we can do – especially given the matching gift challenge. You can make a donation on-line or by check. If you prefer an on-line donation, please visit the City House website and click on the Donate button at the bottom of the home page. Alternatively, you can send a check payable to City House and mail it to City House at 1730 New Brighton Blvd #253, Minneapolis MN 55413-1248.

Thank you for considering this. And if you do not have the financial means to donate (and even if you do), please keep our work in your prayers.