Rendered Speechless

The other day, my daughter looked up from reading the newspaper and expressed sadness and something approaching bewilderment at all that is going on in the world. This morning, Diane Roth, a Lutheran pastor in the Twin Cities posted this on Facebook. It seems a fitting prayer for Elena and all of us.

Sometimes I am rendered
at the world.
just at the time
when I think the world
demands a word.
Tonight I am not in Ferguson, Missouri.
I am not fleeing persecution in Iraq.
I am not at the border where children wait.
I am not in Gaza, not in Israel, not in Syria.
I do not know the deep darkness of depression
from the inside out.
Lord, give me ears to hear
in humility
the stories of those who are there,
who live injustice,
who carry fear,
who long for life.
Help me bear witness
when the world demands
a word
and I am speechless.
Lord, make me an instrument
of your peace.