Before Thy Throne I Come

Johann Sebastian Bach died on this day in 1750. A devout Lutheran, Bach recognized his musical abilities as a gift from God. Music was, for him, an act of praise and devotion and most of his compositions were written for use in church.

Two days before his death, and virtually blind, Bach dictated from his deathbed his final work, a chorale Before Thy Throne I Come. It is a prayer we might all pray.

Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit
O Gott, und dich demfctig bitt
Wend dein genadig Angesicht
Von mir, dem armem Sunder nicht.

Before your throne I now appear,
O God, and bid you humbly,
Turn not your gracious face From me,
a poor sinner.

Ein selig end emir bescher,
am jugsten Tag etwecke mich,
Herr, dabich dich schau ewiglich;
Amen, amen, erhore mich.

Confer on me a blessed end,
On the last day awaken me,
Lord, that I may see you eternally;
Amen, amen, hear me.


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