Retreat Hiatus

This afternoon I will leave for Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Janesville (Minnesota, not Wisconsin) for my annual 8-day retreat. (The retreat begins this evening and ends the morning of July 13.

Although I sometimes post blogs on retreats (treating the posts as the equivalent of journal entries), I will not do so during this Silence and Awareness Retreat. I plan to follow the advice of the director of this retreat to neither read nor journal during the 8-days and I plan to keep totally away from internet and other communication. (One exception: Elena’s 21st birthday is tomorrow and I will make a brief Happy Birthday call to her in Italy.)

I’ve shared before how valuable I think it is to get away on retreat. I know not everyone can get away for a week or so, but for those who can, I can’t recommend enough making the time to do it. I know we are busy, but is is well worth finding the space to get away. Part of me cringes to think how many projects I am in the middle of that I am leaving dangling – not to mention that we close on a new house in St. Paul the day after I return. But I also know that there is never a good time to do retreat and that I just need to let go of things until I get back.

Look for a new blog post upon my return from retreat on July 13. In the meantime, I ask for you prayers while I am on retreat, as I will keep all of you in my prayers.